Brown was just recently made Employee of the Month and says that being aborted would be a step in the wrong direction for him. 

"You know, I'm just trying to make it out here. One day I want to be able to provide for my mother, I'm just to busy to call her sometimes, you know?" He was quoted as saying before he became too choked up to continue.

Georgia- As Congress gears up to vote on new legislation that would allow mother's to terminate pregnancy up to 18 years, young Donny Brown, a cashier at a local McDonald's restaurant, fears that he could soon be aborted.

By B. Wolfe

18-Year-Old Man Fears For His Life After New Legislation Would Allow His Mother To Abort Him

When Brown was asked why he thinks his mother would want to abort him he had this to say- "Well, you know, I've been disrespectful to her at times in the past when I was growing up. Sometimes I forget to call her for a while. I love her, but I haven't been a very good son to her."


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Donny Brown (left) deals with fears of being late on his bills, fired from his job, and being late-term aborted thanks to new legislation.